Recruiting Agencies – Creating Partnerships

Staffing firms, search firms, headhunters, recruiting agencies…there are many names, but the bottom line is they each provide services that help companies with talent acquisition.

In our blog “Gain the Contract Staffing Edge” we quickly touched on what to search for when selecting a recruiting agency:

  • It understands your corporate culture and personnel requirements
  • It has an established structured recruiting process
  • It has a large database of active and passive candidates

But in this blog we are going to identify some specific best practices that will help you make an informed decision about what to look for in choosing a partner for your recruitment processing needs and company objectives. We will also look at how staffing agencies are going beyond simply filling a position to becoming an in-depth Recruitment Process Outsourcer (RPO) able to meet your goals on a much broader scale.

Knowing your recruitment firm options

Whether your organization has a corporate recruiter or not, there are key factors in recognizing when you need customized recruiting services. A partnership with agencies can help you meet goals when:

  • You need to fully outsource the recruitment/hiring process for a specific position or location
  • You have contract positions to fill that are either long-term or short-term
  • There is a need for an employee for a specific project within your organization (Niche agencies are typically very helpful in these cases.)
  • You need assistance with managing only one part of the recruitment process
  • You are looking to knowledge experts who can advise you in making improvements to your own process

Once you determine your need and the type of outsourcing firm that meets your company goals then it is time to build the relationship. Although standard corporate policies are established through your vendor agreements, there are considerations when choosing the right firm:

  • COST – just because a firm is the most expensive does not always mean it is the best. Staffing agencies come in all sizes, but it is the service that determines quality, not cost.
  • SIZE – bigger is not always better. Smaller or medium sized recruiting firms can have clearly defined strategic human talent acquisition processes that rival those of larger firms. Boutique, niche, or medium sized agencies may also provide a more attentive relationship ensuring your needs, goals, and objectives are met.
  • TRACK RECORD – does the staffing firm have previous experience with the position you are asking them to fill? Ask the agency if it is able to match the new hire to the skills/position that your department heads require?
  • INTEGRATED RECRUITMENT PROCESS – is the employee resource firm able to provide a consistent and sustainable process to meet your corporate and management recruiting goals? Knowing how a recruiting agency identifies potential candidates is critical in determining the quality of those applicants they are sending your way. They may not give away their secrets, but they should be subject matter experts in your industry, with a working knowledge of the skill sets required for the positions they are filling.
  • PERSONABLE – you are most likely going to be working with this recruiting firm on a regular basis so be sure you get along with them. Are they interested in just supplying a warm body or are they interested in developing a long-term relationship with a vested interested in helping you with quality employees that contribute to the growth of your company?

You don’t need the latest Dummies Book on how to find a recruiter, but it is important to make sure you have a detailed discussion with your recruiting agency. Be sure they understand your employment requirements, corporate culture, and the personality traits that you look for in potential employees. They should be reliable, straightforward and easy to work with.

Look for quality in reputation. Because it is testimonies that will help you begin your search for the right recruiting and staffing firm:

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By Donna Cornelius Contributing Editor