Work with a company that understands Trainers, Technical Communicators, UX’ers and User System Administrators!

Why work with us?

We are not a large, impersonal “body shop.” We are a niche market firm specializing in delivering technical communications solutions to the regions leading companies. With over 20 years of experience doing the kinds of projects you do, we can offer you a lot more than an IT agency.

We will get to know you.

The best way to serve you is to really understand your goals and skills. We can evaluate your skills and match you to positions that are interesting and challenging. We know that a career move, whether permanent or consulting, is both exciting and stressful. We will try to understand your intangible goals as well so that the move you make is the right one for you.

We won’t pressure you.

Some companies will pressure you to take a position just to make a sale. We believe that it is unethical and bad for business. We know that a good placement will likely lead to future business with you and the client.

We will pay you top rates.

Many agencies have a reputation for gouging their consultants. We will work hard to negotiate the best rate for your services and will keep our markups among the lowest in the industry.

We will pay you exactly on time.

How? We offer several working arrangements to accommodate the flexibility required by today’s job market.

Full service

As a full service agency we solicit job orders from our clients and then actively market you for these positions. We negotiate contracts and bill the client what the market will bear to get you the best rates.

Under this arrangement we do the work most of you are disinclined to do…sales. Let’s face it, job hunting is a sales job. It requires cold calling, promoting your own skills, imposing on other’s time, and asking total strangers to place their confidence in you. In addition, most consultants find it difficult to juggle meeting client deadlines and find their next contract to minimize down time. Our services can provide you with smooth transitions between assignments.

We can work with you under a W-4 employee arrangement and if you meet the IRS requirements, as an 1099 subcontractor. And unlike many of our competitors, we provide a fair and reasonable mark-up for these services.

W-4 – Become a regular employee of UserEdge.

Most people choose to work with us as regular employees. As our W-4 employee you will represent UserEdge at our client’s site.

W-4 Contract
Our contract specifies the conditions of employment.

Depending on client requirements, you may be required to submit to drug and background checks.

Normally, your work will be assigned and managed by the client at the client location.

You will report your work hours to UserEdge on a weekly basis and will be paid every other Friday.

As an employee, you are eligible to join our 401K plan.

1099 – Become a sub-contractor to UserEdge.

To qualify as an independent contractor you must meet these conditions:

You must have a tax ID.

You must have a company name other than your personal name:
e.g. John Smith & Associates
e.g. JS, Inc.
Note that “doing business as” names are discouraged.

Your company must be registered with the state and must be in good standing.

Your company must carry a workman compensation policy and you must show proof of general liability insurance.

You must invoice UserEdge for your services on a weekly basis. We will pay your invoices every other Friday. Please note that you are responsible for filing all taxes and tax reports. UserEdge will send you an annual 1099 tax statement.

You must agree to the UserEdge 1099 contract.  Our contract is in compliance with IRS guidelines.


As a pass through agency we provide the basic financial services of billing, collections, and payroll for an assignment you have found on your own. This option is useful when your client requires you to work through a larger company or one that is already on their approved vendor list. We charge a reasonable competitive fee for these services.

Benefits:  UserEdge has a two-week payroll cycle. That means you won’t have to wait long for that first paycheck. Some companies make you wait until they get paid.
We also offer an optional 401K plan.