What people are saying about working with us.

What our Consultants are saying

“UserEdge is a rare find and a true gem of a recruitment firm. The services at Useredge are remarkable and refreshing. The team at UserEdge is exemplary at negotiating both sides of the employment equation by addressing the needs of both the job applicant and the employer. 

For the past 15 years, the hard-working and knowledgeable recruiters at UserEdge facilitated several ideal contracts and permanent positions which exceeded my salary and commute requirements. Additionally, all of these work experiences fit my personality, were challenging, and helped to make a positive difference in my field working with passionate professionals. 

I highly recommend Judy at UserEdge, as she is easy to work with and answered all my questions diligently. Last year, she recruited me to join a video tech firm as a full-time employee. With her excellent communication skills and tenacious work ethic, she accommodated an earlier start date than expected. An earlier start date provided ample time to train with the resigning employee, which resulted in a smooth and seamless transition.”

Jodi S.

“Judy is an exceptional recruiter who is devoted and passionate about connecting you to the right job and organization. I was fortunate enough to use her services at a time when I was attempting to jump-start my career in a completely new city and state. She took the time to understand my overall situation and what I was looking for in my next move. I am very happy with the results and would highly recommend her services to others.”
Jay S.

“I have worked with many recruiters over my 16 years in the business.  None match the professionalism, dedication, and work ethic that I have experienced with both Judy and Melissa.”
Jason H.

“Thank you for your professionalism and for recruiting me in my time of need, you all gave me the start I needed to relaunch my career;  I truly appreciate it and Judy is the BEST.”

“I have always felt working for UserEdge Technical Personnel has been like a great partnership – certainly not like my experiences working for other consulting companies. They have always tried to work with me to find assignments that fit with my busy home life and that is so important to me. I look forward to growing and expanding my skills while in their tenure.”

“There are several things I look for when I’m considering using a search firm: Are they able to open doors for me? Are they accurate in their presentation of the assignment? If necessary, will they be on “my side?” Is the firm financially solvent? I’m happy to say that in addition to meeting this criteria, UserEdge offers an outstanding additional benefit.”

“I like working for UserEdge because I get to work with corporations that use the latest technology. They offer a variety of interesting projects: writing web pages, user’s guides, trainer’s guides, online help systems, web based help systems, quick reference cards, administrator’s guides, etc. UserEdge also has a good reputation/rapport with both their clients and their contractors. They listen and negotiate so the contract is fair for both sides and I always get good pay and flexible hours. Finally, the folks at UserEdge are available. They respond to my emails and return phone calls!”

“I have appreciated how easy it has been to work with UserEdge. Reporting hours is simple and your payment processing is prompt and predictable. I’d recommend you folks to anyone.”

“It’s been really great working with you all. You guys are terrific and Donna is like a mentor to me. I really appreciated your help during my days with UserEdge.”

Why Job Seekers like working with us

“I really need to thank you again for placing me…I’m acclimating to the environment here, and I’m getting a handle on my work.  In a few months it’ll feel like I’ve always been here, I’m sure.  Thank you again for all your help finding me such an excellent job!  I’m very happy here.”

“I had the pleasure of working with Judy while she was acting as my recruiter during my recent job search. Judy was very pleasant to work with and always available when I needed her (even on weekends!). She was constantly in communication with me and helped me secure a great new position with a great company. Judy is extremely professional and I would not hesitate to use her services again.”

“After looking for a new position for some time, I can say unequivocally that Judy was the finest recruiter that I worked with by a mile. She took the time to develop a relationship with me, and carefully considered what roles to submit me for based on her understanding of the position, the company, and my abilities and goals. Her follow-up and support during the submission and interview process was clearly aimed at making sure all parties were on the same page and satisfied with the results so far. She never pressured me or made me feel that I was making a mistake when I decided against accepting an offer she facilitated, and there was no “I told you so” when another position didn’t work out. Happily ensconced in the role she re-negotiated for me, I would work with her again in a heartbeat, and highly recommend her to others.”

“Donna Timpone and the staff at UserEdge were my lifeline to a new career. They took the time to get to know me and my goals and they matched me with employers that had the qualities I was looking for and proven track records of success. I always felt like Donna was attentive to my needs and worked directly for me. Her advice and negotiation skills were invaluable and her professional connections in the field of technical communications are unparalleled. UserEdge made what could have been a grueling task easy and exciting.”