Brand Equals Value in Recruitment

Your brand is your value. Branding isn’t just for marketing purposes to attract customers. It represents the strength and value of your company, and that means something when you are hiring – and potential recruits are looking at your company.

Relational hiring is the way in which you interact with potential candidates during the hiring process. But what are you doing to attract that one candidate you are searching for in a large talent pool? How are you using your brand to maximize the impact of recruits and to be competitive? It is your brand that helps attract and retain employees.

Reputation is everything.

Would you work for you based on what the news says, people say, social media says? Your brand reflects your corporate culture, your employee benefits, and your employee turnover.

Brand is about building relationships at every level including the recruiting of new hires. When working with clients on building their brand, I address two key issues

1.”What do others think of this company?”

2. “What do we want others to say when they think of this company?”

In branding you have to know your customers. So let’s think of potential employees as another target market. You have a position to fill, perhaps a project management position. You have established your requirements, the skills, and experience that are necessary to successfully complete the job. You additionally require some type of project management certification to narrow down your job pool. Now what? Do you just post the position with a few recruiting firms, on your company website, or through various social media?  Your answer should be, “No.”

Talent acquisition that is superior and that is a true fit for your team and corporate culture will require you to reveal some information about your company. Your brand is your differentiator. What is it that sets you apart from other companies searching the same talent pool? Who are you to potential recruits in this talent pool? Why would they want to work for you?

In today’s world of “what’s in it for me” job seekers, particularly the millennial generation, are a bit more particular than they used to be. The upcoming generations are not just looking for “a” job; they are looking for “THE” job. And the experienced generations are also moving on. I often read articles about individuals switching careers or leaving lucrative jobs to do what they are passionate about. This doesn’t mean giving up work to become a nomad. It means people want to work for companies that value and invest in their employees.

The benefits of branding

Talent acquisition never ceases, but you can be more selective by having a talent pool that truly wants to work for your company and is knocking at your door.

* Tangible effect on the bottom line: companies that are well branded reduce their recruiting costs due to retention.

* More skilled job applicants: attract passive employees – those who are well established in their fields and provide valuable experience.

* Reduced hiring costs: people are more inclined to take a lower salary to work for a better company.

Partner branding

Having a recruiting agency that has built a solid brand will help get those desired recruits to you. In today’s world, hiring and staffing agencies are a dime a dozen. Know who you are partnering with in the recruitment industry. Are you working with an agency that has thousands of prospects but no relationship with those who are in their database? Does your recruiting firm post, then pass? Very few firms I have worked with take the time to vet potential applicants before passing them on to their clients. Recruiting agencies should know their potential recruits as well as they know their client needs. Falling short on this can make for a bad experience for qualified employee candidates.  Also, be sure you are working with a hiring agency that has an established brand because they are a direct reflection of you. Make sure you have the edge when it comes to recruiting.

Tell us how you are branding your company to new recruits. Knowledge is power and leverage. What sets you apart? Why do candidates want to work for your company? Leave a comment!

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By Donna Cornelius Contributing Editor