If you wish to outsource a project, UserEdge can assemble the  right team to get the job done on time and within budget. We can provide full life-cycle support.

Requirements gathering

We will work with your subject matter experts and primary stakeholders to create a comprehensive set of project requirements.

User Needs Analysis

Knowing your end-users is one of the keys to success. UserEdge obtains an end-user profile, analyzes user tasks, and integrates this information into a requirements specification.

Proposal writing

We will prepare a detailed proposal describing each project phase, resources, and deliverables.


Iterative Design

We can use iterative design methods and prototyping to flesh out a final solution design.


A working prototype illustrates the right way to move your information online…how to structure information, maximize accessibility and ensure usability. UserEdge creates prototypes to help gather user feedback in order to refine the final design.

Style Guides

Style guides ensure consistency in online style and function. UserEdge develops style guides to include rules for content…screen design templates…keyword searches… glossary items…text formats…font styles…highlighting…and standard phrasing and wording.


We will work closely with the implementation team to manage the development and assure the final product quality.


Usability Evaluations

Users provide valuable information about the design and effectiveness of online support tools. UserEdge conducts both formal and informal sessions to obtain objective performance data as well as obtaining user feedback. Recommendations for improvements are documented in a detailed report.

Usability Feedback Sessions

UserEdge evaluates your design against established usability guidelines for content… comprehensibility… navigation… screen format… accessibility… and makes recommendations on ways to improve usability.