Unfilled Job Positions Decreases Corporate Profitability – A Quantitative Look

Employees are vital to an organization and when job vacancies occur, it is in the best interest for the company to rehire as quickly as possible in order to avoid a disruption in team cohesiveness and the adverse financial impact on profitability and shareholder wealth.  Open positions are a cost detriment when not filled in a timely manner and to measure the lost economic opportunity, the following methodologies can be utilized: Multiple of Compensation Method The Multiple of Compensation Method […]

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Direct Hire, Independent Contract, Outsource – Knowing Your Options

Depending on your industry the options of bringing on new hires vary greatly. Do you need a direct hire for temporary or permanent placement, an independent contractor, or can you outsource the job? Is telecommuting an option or is it strictly onsite? What are the hiring manager’s requirements and skill level requirements? Jobs in today’s world often require specialized skills, which translates into highly educated, highly skilled employees. The more specialized the talent required, the more difficult the search becomes […]

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Referral Recruiting for Stronger Hiring

Job boards, mobile apps, social media . . . technology is topping the charts when it comes to recruiting – or is it? The top two fastest growing tools for recruiting potential employee candidates are: Social Networking Referrals In our previous blog, “Effective Recruiting Is in the Analytics,” we touched on the advantages of using information technology for optimizing the recruiting process, but this time we are taking the non-technology route. We are going to take a look at one […]

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Unconscious Bias in Recruiting

We are reasonable people with the ability to consciously make rational and fair decisions. We believe we are choosing the best candidate based on merit, experience, and skill. Our mind allows us to consider or reason about situations and people – OR does it? As you peruse the stack of resumes sitting in front of you, can your unconscious bias cause you to choose one candidate over another based on the name on the resume? In one study of 1,250 […]

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Becoming a Company of Choice

I recently had a conversation with a Senior Vice President of Diversity of a large international corporation. She mentioned that she recently lost a great candidate to another large company. They both had good offers and great benefits, but in the end the other company offered a $100,000 sign-on bonus, which she could not compete with – all of this for a female undergraduate engineer. Why? Due to the fact that highly qualified and skilled female engineers are few in […]

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New Year – New Hire Opportunities

The year 2013 is about to come to an end and the New Year is just around the corner. Do you have your hiring needs planned for 2014? Next year’s budgets approved   Projects outlined   Talent acquisition for projects   Success for your new year is based on the ability to be intentional in your talent planning and talent acquisition. Proactively Plan for New Year Hiring Like a personal New Year’s resolution, making a work resolution for team growth and […]

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Effective Recruiting Is in the Analytics

Marketing professionals, we use many tools to motivate and nurture the customer.  Well, the same holds true for recruiting.  People are people, after all – they want to be valued for their time and, in the case of recruitment, their job skills and experience. Maren Hogan of Red Branch Media shared on a recent webinar that 77% of potential candidates who have a bad experience will share that with others. As I discussed in “The Importance of Relational Hiring,” nurturing […]

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Brand Equals Value in Recruitment

Your brand is your value.  Branding isn’t just for marketing purposes to attract customers. It represents the strength and value of your company, and that means something when you are hiring – and potential recruits are looking at your company. Relational hiring is the way in which you interact with potential candidates during the hiring process. But what are you doing to attract that one candidate you are searching for in a large talent pool? How are you using your […]

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Recruiting for Training and Development

Talent acquisition for the various roles within your company is hard enough; add a specific skill set such as e-learning, training, or development and you may find yourself at a disadvantage. You need qualified, screened candidates who have proven skills and experience. Of course, you already know this because you are the person required to fill these job positions while enabling the company to quickly fill an open position with minimal downtime! But there is a process enabling you to […]

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Diversity in the Workforce

In today’s world, just having employees means you are well on your way to having a diverse workforce.  Our society is built on a variety of ethnicities, backgrounds, experiences, and more. But the road to diversity and inclusion is not so simple.  Its origins began in 1948 with President Truman in an effort to create equality in the Armed Services, but it was the social and political culture of the 1960s that led to legislation (Title VII) that prohibited discrimination […]

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