New Year – New Hire Opportunities

The year 2013 is about to come to an end and the New Year is just around the corner. Do you have your hiring needs planned for 2014? Next year’s budgets approved   Projects outlined   Talent acquisition for projects   Success for your new year is based on the ability to be intentional in your talent planning and talent acquisition. Proactively Plan for New Year Hiring Like a personal New Year’s resolution, making a work resolution for team growth and […]

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Effective Recruiting Is in the Analytics

Marketing professionals, we use many tools to motivate and nurture the customer.  Well, the same holds true for recruiting.  People are people, after all – they want to be valued for their time and, in the case of recruitment, their job skills and experience. Maren Hogan of Red Branch Media shared on a recent webinar that 77% of potential candidates who have a bad experience will share that with others. As I discussed in “The Importance of Relational Hiring,” nurturing […]

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Brand Equals Value in Recruitment

Your brand is your value.  Branding isn’t just for marketing purposes to attract customers. It represents the strength and value of your company, and that means something when you are hiring – and potential recruits are looking at your company. Relational hiring is the way in which you interact with potential candidates during the hiring process. But what are you doing to attract that one candidate you are searching for in a large talent pool? How are you using your […]

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Recruiting for Training and Development

Talent acquisition for the various roles within your company is hard enough; add a specific skill set such as e-learning, training, or development and you may find yourself at a disadvantage. You need qualified, screened candidates who have proven skills and experience. Of course, you already know this because you are the person required to fill these job positions while enabling the company to quickly fill an open position with minimal downtime! But there is a process enabling you to […]

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Diversity in the Workforce

In today’s world, just having employees means you are well on your way to having a diverse workforce.  Our society is built on a variety of ethnicities, backgrounds, experiences, and more. But the road to diversity and inclusion is not so simple.  Its origins began in 1948 with President Truman in an effort to create equality in the Armed Services, but it was the social and political culture of the 1960s that led to legislation (Title VII) that prohibited discrimination […]

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Recruiting Agencies – Creating Partnerships

Staffing firms, search firms, headhunters, recruiting agencies…there are many names, but the bottom line is they each provide services that help companies with talent acquisition. In our blog “Gain the Contract Staffing Edge” we quickly touched on what to search for when selecting a recruiting agency: It understands your corporate culture and personnel requirements It has an established structured recruiting process It has a large database of active and passive candidates But in this blog we are going to identify […]

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Building Great Teams in the Workplace

Philosophies surrounding work have changed through the years.  These days there are global teams and constantly emerging technologies, which has vastly changed and increased the competitive landscape. To keep pace with these dynamic changes, managers are striving to build more productive and more efficient teams to be more competitive and more profitable. But sometimes, in direct contrast to the goal of business growth are the employees who make up a businesses’ work force.  They can either drive or hinder the […]

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Employee Flextime and Company Bottom Line

The success of human relations or interaction is often based in an individual’s ability to be flexible with others.  The capacity to be flexible and adaptable in today’s world seems to be a necessary quality to get through our often chaotic, busy lives by reducing stress and maintaining a more positive perspective. So when people spend over half of their day at work, it would seem advantageous to apply flexibility to the workplace.  And companies are catching on.  According to […]

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The Importance of Relational Hiring

“If you advertise the position, they will come.” The problem is—they  do! With an average of 89 applicants per posted position (Talent Acquisition Factbook 2011) and half of those unqualified, the task of finding viable and valuable job candidates is, at the least, highly time consuming. This is further complicated by the diversity of positions that need to be filled. Hiring – technology versus relationship Last week’s blog “Recruiting Tools for Hiring” looked at the various technologies that allow us […]

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Recruiting Tools for Hiring

Over the years the avenues of identifying potential qualified employees have grown, but the basic steps of hiring have not substantially changed, still consisting of advertising, reviewing resumes, pre-screening, and interviewing. The dilemma for human resources and internal recruiters determining the best methodology for hiring qualified candidates while shortening the procurement cycle. Many companies still continue to advertise positions, but the venues for advertising have morphed from print and a few staffing agencies into technology-driven job boards,  career sites, professional […]

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